Soon after completing my probation for 3 months in the MNC that I worked in, I was absorbed as a Junior foreman of the maintenance department on the permanent rolls of the company. That was in 1982. 35 electricians, pump/ boiler/kiln operators were working in our department and were reporting to me. Our department understands and cooperates with the needs of the production department, plans preventive maintenance and carry out planned shutdowns on weekly holidays to enable a seamless running of the plant 24 X 7 thereby reducing breakdown maintenance time.

It was tea time in the morning on the beginning day of the week around 10.30 am when the chai walla rolled his mobile trolley through the shop floor and all workmen near that area stood in line to collect their cup of tea in their cups along with a piece of vada pav. Just as they were about to start having their tea, a production supervisor came in to our department to register a complaint saying that machine number so and so was not working. I asked him what happened and he said that it had tripped and he conveyed to me the urgency to attend to the breakdown immediately and set it right. I conveyed this message to the electricians who said that they would attend to the breakdown after their tea. A few minutes passed and they were not yet ready to go and attend to the breakdown. They were still talking about the movie they saw the previous weekend and I was getting restless. I requested them again and still they did not get up. Meanwhile there was a call to me from the Production Manager who told me that the order they were executing on that particular machine was very critical and they were already behind on time line. I said that I would go there myself to check up and sort it out. I informed our department electricians to join me there immediately after their tea (which took time eternal) and that I would go there and be conducting the preliminary investigation to identify the cause for the breakdown.

I took the department

Author By: Mr.S Ramkumar

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