love filter coffee and particularly like it very strong with a very rich flavor and taste. Whenever I get the time I set off on my 2 wheeler to the popular hotel near my house which provides coffee to my taste. I enjoy this short ride and since I go very slowly get to observe quite a few things. For instance I get to see the building which is still under construction and close to completion but for the last 4 months it has remained in the same status - unfinished !! When the work started in that construction site more than a year back the progress was so rapid that I thought that the work would get completed in less than 6 months time but it has not been so. Not just this building but many buildings follow the same consequence. About 80% of the work gets done in 20% of time.

On the other side we would have observed that as the month March approaches the salesmen try to do the maximum calls put in enormous struggle and efforts to get to their sales target !! Most students cram and study the during the last 1 month or so before their exams putting in their best to get good marks. 20% of the time is invested to get 80% of the results. These are examples of the Universal Rule that regulates our lives behind the scenes putting into effect the 80/20 rule or the law of vital few and trivial many as was described by Business thinker Joseph. M.Juran in the 1940

Author By: Mr.S Ramkumar

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