The body is the temple of the enlivening force that is inside the body and the only address that we have in this lifetime that we have to take care of it. Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay fit. One may be very busy in life but just introducing about 30 minutes every day for walk, you would be a much healthier person.

When i got back home last Saturday i was surprised to find my wife walking on the treadmill, normally she prefers to walk outdoors. She goes out to walk now and then but has not been going out to walk for the last few days. When i checked up the reason why she was walking on the treadmill that day she gave me a commentary about our last weeks visit to see my cousin. My cousin is a doctor who has been living in London had come to see her parents here in Chennai. We had gone to visit her and her husband. We got to know when we got there that my cousin was unwell and could not even get up to see us. She was suffering from food poisoning and was running temperature after her recent visit to a hill station. My uncle told me that it was very surprising for him that her daughter was unwell and it is about 40 years since she was unwell and doesn't remember having taken sick leave in her entire career !! I knew that my cousin who now at 63 goes to the gym almost everyday even now and does exercises for cardiovascular, muscles strengthening and flexibility and so has been very fit and hence had not attracted diseases. Three days after our visit when i rang up to check how she was my aunt told that she has gone for a long walk !! My wife also mentioned about her cousin who walks to almost all the places nearby and also goes to the gym 4 times a week and she also doesn't fall sick. My neighbour now at 83 does 12 suryanamaskars and walks at least 5kms everyday by going to temples and all nearby places has not visited the doctor for years. These were all the inspirations for my wife to get on to the treadmill and walk...

Movement is life. Failing to move regularly throughout the day can be a contributor to a range of diseases of the heart thereby the circulation and respiratory systems and when these parameters are alright the entire system tends to become alright.. Walking is a low impact effective way to lose weight. Walking 10,000 steps a day is a good exercise for health and weight loss and is an indicator of how active a person is. A not so active person walks about 3000 steps a day. One could keep track of the number of steps one walks by clamping a pedometer in their pant pockets/waist which measures the number of steps and also the distance walked per day. Walking 30 minutes a day cuts the rate of people becoming diabetic by more than half. The body generates the happy hormones called endorphins which makes one feel good. Walking resists diseases when we walk and heals faster when we walk. Walking reduces hypertension, improves HDL cholestrol, prevents depression and also is a good antidote for anxiety, fear worry and anger. Walking reduces the incidence of blood clot in your legs. On the whole walking helps in the well being of our biological health, physical health, Psychosocial health and emotional health. Literally walking could add years into your life.

As Auetaan's we have a huge responsibility to be fit to take care of ourselves and our families and be role models to everyone in our family as well as all as others in both health and fitness. All acupressure points are in the sole of your feet that would be stimulated and could be a source for self healing and pain relief. Buy a pair of best walking shoes and begin to walk and i am reasonably sure that if you want to walk nobody will stop

Author By: Mr.S Ramkumar

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