On 15-12-2012 at our AUETAA House we had a program by Dr Roja Gurumoorthy. Dr Roja Gurumoorthy is a Doctor in Naturopathy and Yogic sciences. A brief of her presentation that day is given below:

People do not realize the importance of health and wellness until when they start getting symptoms from the body in the form of aches or pains, then they go to a doctor. Diseases of the mind most of the time results in diseases of the body and the number one reason of Psychosomatic diseases is because of stress. Stress is required in small doses for example to flee from danger when we outrun a dog that is chasing us but when we continuously bother ourselves with one problem after the other starting from reaction to traffic jams, maid servant not coming, not getting what we wanted, we unnecessarily secrete adrenaline, cortisol and insulin into our blood stream in quantities proportional to our reactions. This causes our immune system to get lowered. We get psychosomatic disease like spondylosis, chronic digestive problems, sinusitis, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, over weight, insomnia etc.. The ill health of the stressed individual affects the individual in the body and mind, lack of peace at home and work, depletion of finances due to visits to the doctor/hospitals etc..

Our health gets affected when there is a drop in the physical threshold to face a problem. In the mental side ignorance in moral and ethical values, lack of commitment, lack of contentment, lack of positive attitude and Ego which are stress causers and health deterrents. Ego means

Author By: Mr.S Ramkumar

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