History of our AUETAA - Our glorious past

Our Alma Mater Annamalai University was founded by an altruist and one of the greatest philantropists of our times Late Dr Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar in the year 1930. It was further fostered by his illustrious and noble son, Late Dr Rajah Sir Muthiah Chettiar. We Auetaan’s owe our sincere gratitude to our Alma Mater.

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology was started in the year 1945 and true to the motto of our University “With Courage and Faith” the engineers and Technologists from ourUniversity have spread around the globe to learn further for professional advancement and in search of fortunes.

October 2nd 1975 was a red – letter day, a day of special significance and an opportunity for our alumnus from our Alma Mater to connect again after our studying days in the University and contributing to the Society. The Pancha Pandavas Ch Veera Reddy (1956C) Maj Victor (1956M) P.N Arunachalam (1956T) S.Deenadayalan (1956E) and Dr S.Sathikh (1959M) convened a meeting in Hotel Woodlands to sow the seed of AUETAA. On December 4th 1975 AUETAA was registered as a society. The address was that of Mr Veera Reddy’s office in Nungambakkam.

Jan 28th 1985 AUETAA started functioning from Gopalapuram. Due to noisy movements it inconvenienced the residents. Only used it as AUETAA office and did not conduct meetings.

April 2001 – AUETAA’s Dream house, # 7 PCM colony, was bought. The key figures were Mr M.Rabindranath, Mr Ulagappan, Mr T.Jeyapathi 1981, Mr S.Balamurugan 1981 and Mr T.S.R. Pandurangan and a few more large hearted alumnus..

In 1977 AUETAA News was launched.

In 1982 AUETAA TRUST was formed.

In 1995 April AUETAA operated out of GEMINI PARSN complex (Commercial)

1997 - Auetaa’s next stage push was initiated by Mr V. Krishnaswamy (1959 M)also known as Kittu Sir. Under his leadership an International conference was organized at Adyar Gate hotel in the year 1997. Alumni from various parts of Tamil Nadu, other states and abroad came to know about AUETAA then. This paved way for establishment of chapters at Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Salem, Bangalore and Pondicherry.

31st January 2001, AUAC was registered as a club. Mr M.Rabindranath was the first President and Mr A. Ulagappan was the Secretary. Though the club was started in 2001 itself in the old building at #7 PCM colony a team led by Mr A.R.M Govindarajan (1981 M & P) and S. Muthu (1981 M & P) took up the task of going in for a new building in the place of the old building. Mr K. Veerappan (1981 C) took up the work of designing the structural of the building. Mr C.K. Sridhar (1981 EEE) took up the construction even without any advance and completed more than 50% of the building.

The project was very generously supported by Mr Earnarst Paul (1980T) Mr Veerappan (1982E&I) Mr C.K. Sridhar (1981 EEE) Mr A.R.M. Govindarajan (1981 M & P) Mr C.Paul Pandian (1963 M) Mr S. Balaji ( 1989 M & P) lift Balaji, Mr S. Sundaravel ((1981 T) Mr T. Vijaykumar (1981 M & P) Mr R. Bhaskaran (1980 T) Mr K.S. Jeyaraman (1971 M) Mr S.Muthu (1981 M & P ) Mr D. Ramakrishnan (1981 E & I ) Mr T. Jeyapathy (1981 M) Mr S. Ramkumar (1981 EEE) Mr R. Ratnasabapathy (1981 M) Late Mr S. Arunagiri (1981 EEE) Mr A. Muthalagan (1986 M) and a host of others by way of donations, interest free soft loans free supply and installation of facilities etc… Mr S.Ramkumar’s (1981 EEE) company then M/S Concepts and Designs designed and supervised the interior project inside AUETAA HOUSE on a zero cost basis - right from conceptualization to completion. M/S Concepts and Designs made a power point presentation at Cosmopolitan club for all auetaan’s when Mr S. Arunagiri (1981 EEE) was the President at Cosmopolitan club. This was to collect money used for constructing the present AUETAA HOUSE. They also designed the front elevation of AUETAA HOUSE.

As many as 800 people became members, thanks to Mr S. Muthu and about 450 became AUAC members, once again thanks to Mr S. Muthu who made several club member into Patron member. Bar license was got once again the initial funding was done by Mr C.K. Sridhar (1981 EEE)

Our AUETAA HOUSE is one of its kind and it was made possible without any external assistance. It was made by time and effort of many who took it as if it was their own house – from the heart. Our prestigious landmark building stands “Tall” when compared to any of the alumni buildings anywhere in India of its kind. It’s a place that is full of energy and vibrancy. People who did not project their egos like many but projected their allegiance to their Alma Mater and devotion to their alumni association were responsible for the positivity. “A house is built with hands but a home is built with hearts” is a famous adage and for those who made AUETAA HOUSE a reality, it’s needless to say that it’s our second home !!

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